Day Two, Girl Two! Scott Disick Spotted with Yet Anolther Girl in Miami

Day Two, Girl Two! Scott Disick Spotted with Yet Anolther Girl in Miami
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Scott Disick is unstoppable! After betraying Kourtney Kardashian once again when he decided to fly from Costa Rica to Miami to meet a mystery blonde, the man was caught once again, a few hours later, kissing another woman! Kourtney might finally be done with her cheating baby daddy!

As we have reported before, the Kardashians, most of them without their men, went to Costa Rica for some relaxing time away from drama as well as for work, filming Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 13. Although Kourtney was obviously upset at the fact that Scott had ditched her before and went to Sundance without her, Disick came to Costa Rica as well – uninvited.

For a short time it looked like the problematic lover was regretting his actions and was willing to chance. However, as soon as the trip was over, instead of coming back to Los Angeles along with the rest of the Kardashians, he jetted to Miami where he met a mystery woman.

But that’s not all! The bad boy seemed to have many bikini wearing women waiting for him at Setai Hotel in Miami.

Each day, another girl – Kourtney’s baby daddy was spotted curling up to another blonde on a lounge chair.

A sunburned Disick was fresh off kissing another girl in the same pool. He was previously spotted kissing and being straddled by model Jessica Harris.

"Kourtney could not care less that Scott hooks up with other girls," claimed a source close to the Kardashians.

The pretty blonde curled up next to Disick on the lounge chair made for two.

Disick's affections for the girl were a slap in the face for Kardashian. "He will do family stuff with her but he wants a younger hotter chick," added an insider.

"He's a jerk to her," said the source.

Do you believe Kourtney will take him back again, or is this the end of their weird relationship?


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