Dax Shepard Pens Birthday Note To Kristen Bell After Daughters Lincoln And Delta Hilariously Guess Her Age

Dax Shepard Pens Birthday Note To Kristen Bell After Daughters Lincoln And Delta Hilariously Guess Her Age
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Dax Shepard is celebrating Kristen Bell's birthday today with a sweet note on social media. His heartfelt message was a follow up to the one she posted asking their daughters Lincoln and Delta  to guess her age.

In an Instagram video, the Veronica Mars actress had a crucial question for her two kids. Bell starts off by asking the two little ones if they know mommy's age. Delta answers 63, while Lincoln believes her mom is 89.

The blonde beauty takes it all in, as she listens to her kids discuss her age. Bell then asks her husband his guess. Shepard explains he feels she is someone between 63-years-old and 89-years-old, so he chooses 71-years-old.

It is a hilarious video. The two girls are not seen in the video only heard in the background, as is Shepard. Bell and her hubby do not share their children's faces on social media and fought hard years ago to keep the paparazzi from photographing them.

Their reasoning is that Lincoln and Delta did not choose a life in the spotlight, Shepard and Bell did. Therefore, until the girls are older and decide if they want a life in or out of the spotlight, the famous couple intends to protect their privacy. It is a move several famous couples have taken on over the past few years since social media has exploded.

Bell takes it all in stride and laughs. She captioned the funny video "My kids are kind. I dont care if they can't do math. For my #armcherries : #fastmath is overrated."

Today, The Good Place star turns 39. Shepard chose to honor her special day by penning her a birthday he proudly shared on Instagram.

"Happy Birthday Buddy!! I've been with you on a third of your ride, and I hope I'm lucky enough to burp/throw-up/suffer/thrive with you for all the rest. Best Mom, best wife, best friend, longest story teller. You're everything to me and more," the Parenthood alum wrote alongside a video of the couple enduring the hot pepper challenge.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard continue to prove whey they are relationship goals. His birthday post, as well as her birthday video, are the kind of social media positivity fans need to see on a daily basis.

Happy Birthday Kristen Bell!

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