David Spade's TV Talk Show Won't Be Coming Back To Comedy Central

David Spade's TV Talk Show Won't Be Coming Back To Comedy Central
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The Hollywood Reporter revealed earlier today that David Spade's series, Lights Out With David Spade , would not be coming back to Comedy Central.

The late-night TV series featuring the legendary SNL alum often includes a revolving panel of celebrities, however, it was put on hold on the 12th of March, adding it to a long list of other productions that have shut down. Lights Out With David Spade isn't the only show to cease operations.

NBCUniversal announced last month they were shutting down approximately 35 productions in an effort to help curb the spread of COVID-19. Since then, there have been many celebrities who have publicly admitted they contracted the coronavirus.

Getting back to David Spade's television talk show, the ViacomCBS cable network claimed they would be taking his series to several different outlets to try and get the show back on the air. While it won't air on Comedy Central, The Hollywood Reporter claimed it continues to be produced by them.

While it's likely great news for Spade that the show will continue production, The Hollywood Reporter claims its ratings haven't been the best. Reportedly, it has drawn in around half the audience of The Daily Show.

The outlet claims Comedy Central has found it challenging to fill the slot previously occupied by The Daily Show ever since Stephen Colbert moved from the network over to CBS. They've tried and failed with other productions as well including the Nightly Show and The Opposition With Jordan Klepper.

Comedy Central has claimed in the past that they hoped the series would act as a "palate cleanser" due to its softer tone and vibe.

Fans of David Spade know he has been active for many years, first getting his start on Saturday Night Live in the 1990s when he was a young man. Spade is also known, perhaps begrudgingly, for his relationship with the legendary comedian, Chris Farley, who famously passed away from a drug overdose in the 1990s.

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