David Schwimmer Is Getting Ready For A Nightmare International Custody Battle

David Schwimmer Is Getting Ready For A Nightmare International Custody Battle
Source: mirror.co.uk

It looks like there is no chance that the two are going to have a friendly divorce.

‘Friends’ star David Schwimmer is reportedly getting ready for a horribly messy international divorce and custody battle against his ex-wife, Zoe Buckman.

According to insiders close to the estranged couple, the actor is scared Zoe is going to take their 5 years old daughter, Cleo away from him to live with the mother in England.

Now that their marriage is over, the once in love couple are gearing up for a nasty custody battle after which one will get to see their child a lot more often than the other. Of course, the bad situation is because Zoe is British-born while David is American so if Zoe so wishes to return to England she can take the little girl with her and away from her father without any restrictions.

In fact, according to an insider she actually warned him that she plans to do just that.

“Zoe told David she’ll pack up and move back to England and take Cleo with her.”

However, it looks like the actor will not give up his daughter without giving his all in court first.

The now broken up pair met back in 2007 and the actor fell hard and fast for the artist.

They got married in 2010 and one year later they welcomed their daughter, Cleo.

It looked like the perfect romantic story, only it didn’t end with ‘They lived happily ever after’ but in a nightmare.

“There’s no compromise here. David’s talking to his lawyer about preventing Zoe from taking his daughter to England,” explained the source.

“Zoe’s got her own attorney. It’s getting ugly,” the insider added.

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