David Geffen's $590 Million Yacht Spotted Out In The Sea Following 'Tone-Deaf' IG Post Earlier This Year

David Geffen's $590 Million Yacht Spotted Out In The Sea Following 'Tone-Deaf' IG Post Earlier This Year
Credit: Source: CBSNews.com

David Geffen posted a picture of his massive yacht recently on social media, but the response wasn't exactly celebrated amid the coronavirus pandemic. As it was previously reported, the record label juggernaut posted a picture of his $590 million yacht amid the pandemic and people accused him of being "tone-deaf" for showing off his massive fortune.

Page Six says the entrepreneur's $590 million yacht had been seen off the Maine coast this year. Approximately two weeks ago, it was spotted at the New Bedford, Massachessutes, dock, for a refueling.

As it was noted above, Geffen posted a photo of the "Rising Sun" yacht where he was sailing through the Caribbean Sea at the start of the year. He wrote in the caption of the photo that he was "isolated in the Grenadines avoiding the virus," before going on to say he hoped everyone was staying safe.

Obviously, this wouldn't be the first time a massively successful person came under fire for terrible choices in social media posts. Earlier this year, Gal Gadot and a team of celebrities posted a rendition of John Lennon's "Imagine," in which they sang along to the classic song.

Gadot and friends' rendition of the iconic track stirred quite the controversy on social media, with many people accusing her of being wildly out of touch with the lives of average people who aren't wealthy and isolated in their homes.

According to multiple reports, Gadot just wanted to do something good for her fans online, but it didn't go down the way she expected. People also took issue with the fact "Imagine" talks about not having any "possessions."

Social media users joked about how their house was going to be repossessed, so the last thing they wanted to hear was about not having any of their material goods anymore.

The video was so controversial, that even Joe Rogan chimed in on the online hatred, arguing that it wasn't a great time to talk about there not being heaven, considering many people's grandparents were likely passing away from the virus.


Amid the Black Lives Matter protests this year, as well, more celebrities came under fire for a statement on racial inequality. It goes to show that good intentions aren't always enough.

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