David Eason Threatens Neighbor In Explosive Video - 'You're Gonna Be Sorry!'

David Eason Threatens Neighbor In Explosive Video - 'You're Gonna Be Sorry!'
Credit: Source: teenmomtalknow.com

David Eason seems to be more and more out of control by the day! Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans’ husband was caught on camera threatening one of his neighbors!

The controversial man warned the neighbor that he’s going to ‘be sorry’ for ever crossing him!

As fans of the popular reality TV show know, this is definitely not David’s first scandal.

This news comes only days after he was also charged for vehicle tampering.

Eason himself filmed him towing someone else’s truck illegally and got in trouble with the authorities for it.

While the owner eventually decided not to file for a lawsuit, the incident still created a lot of outrage on social media.

Now, in his latest problematic post, the former Teen Mom star can be seen confronting someone in an off-road vehicle with a deer carcass next to him.

The two fight over the animal and that is when David can be heard telling the other man that he’ll be sorry.

It appears that David was accusing the neighbor of dumping the dead animal on his land despite the other man claiming the property was someone else’s.

‘Who’s land do you think this is. Tell me their names,’ David shouts angrily and when the man tells him his guess, Jenelle’s husband goes on to shout: ‘You are very far off. This is not the first time. Cause you know why? All the other deers you drop here? They’re over on my property where my dogs drug it up there.’

His fury keeps escalating as he tells the neighbor: ‘I really appreciate you scaring all the deer off in the whole area, f**king up my hunting. This is my motherf**king property.’

Even when the man apologizes for the confusion, David threatens him before riding off on his OHV: ‘NO! You’re gonna be sorry! You ain’t sorry yet. You aren’t sorry yet brotha!’


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