David Cross Reveals He Has Struggled With Feelings Of Abandonment Ever Since His Father Left Him Years Ago

David Cross Reveals He Has Struggled With Feelings Of Abandonment Ever Since His Father Left Him Years Ago
Credit: Source: Wbur.org

According to a report from CBS News, David Cross has been a fixture on television as well as in stand-up comedy for many years, with his role in Arrested Developmen t, perhaps being the most iconic of them all.

David also had parts in big movies like Men In Black starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Despite being in television and on films for approximately twenty-five years, Cross has remained dedicated to stand-up comedy, the art form that has kept him grounded.

Reported by CBS, David says he was looking to discover himself while living in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, when he finally found his love for comedy. David was abandoned by his father when he was a teenager, causing him irreparable harm, as well as a lifetime of worry that someday he, too, would act in a similar way to his own children.

Speaking with Jamie Wax, David said he fears that he'll act the same way toward his own daughter. Referencing the hypothetical genetic disposition that leads one to abandon family, David asked, "what if there's that thing in me? What if it's a gene?"

Moreover, Cross claims he has been considering the concept as a basis for some type of art, including a television show, a film, as well as a stand-up routine. David rhetorically asked that it's possible he has that very same rationalization process for convincing oneself to abandon their family.

However, there is a silver lining to this whole story: the fact his own father introduced him to comedy, which later on became the thing that brought him success. Cross said, "he loved comedy," and added that he turned him on to "Abbott and Costello" as well as the "Marx Brothers."

Cross also has a relationship with Bob Odenkirk, whose role in Mr. Show With Bob and David, propelled the former's career to success. Odenkirk went on to big fame with shows like Better Call Saul as well as Breaking Bad.

Odenkirk explained in an interview that he and David Cross still have the same kind of relationship that he and his wife, Naomi, have. There's a perpetually fresh connection there.

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