David Cassidy’s Wife’s Shocking 911 Call Transcripts Released! Target Of A Killer?

David Cassidy’s Wife’s Shocking 911 Call Transcripts Released! Target Of A Killer?
Source: upi.com

David Cassidy’s former wife, Sue Shifrin, has gone through a terrifying incident that left her no choice but call 911!

The alcohol abusing and bankrupt Cassidy was the target of an assassin and that put his entire family in danger.

According to the 911 call transcripts, the man was victim of a horrible shooting incident while at home. The frantic phone call from the wife revealed a lot of details about the chilling experience that seems like right out of a thriller movie.

Even though the 911 call happened back in 2006, the transcripts were released to the press only now, after more than a decade!

According to the wife, at the time, an Asian man drove by their home shooting at the property and shouting “I’ll be back!”

The attack was not singular! In fact, it came after another scary 911 report from the ex-wife, who claimed that their son, Beau had received “threatening and lewd calls on his phone.”

Three years before any of those two incidents happened, Sue called the police because a shady “alarm company representative” called asking for their security code for their front gate.

Now, despite the fact that the calls are in the public records, David’s representatives have denied they were ever made.

Today David who is close to bankruptcy and claims dementia was lucky enough to get rid of the property also known as the “house of horrors.” He was able to get $2 million following the auction for the 7,000-square footer.

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