David Bryan From Bon Jovi Diagnosed With COVID-19

David Bryan From Bon Jovi Diagnosed With COVID-19
Credit: Source: TheStar.com

As followers of the news media know, many celebrities have revealed that they tested positive for the coronavirus, and another name was just added to the list. USA Today reported earlier this week that David Bryan, the keyboardist for Bon Jovi, tested positive for COVID-19.

He wrote in his Instagram post this Saturday that he just got his results back and they were positive. The star went on to say that he has been feeling "better each day," while simultaneously adding that people shouldn't be worried, because "it's the flu and not the plague."

David claimed he has been staying behind closed doors for the last week, and he'll be doing so again in another week. For the public's safety, David explained that he would get tested again in another week to make sure he's free of the virus before heading out into the world again.

Matthew Bongiovi, the brother of the frontman of the iconic group, wished Bryan to get better soon. As it was noted above, many other celebrities have tested positive for COVID-19, including Idris Elba, Rachel Matthews, Colton Underwood, Tom Hanks, and Rita Wilson.

Earlier this weekend, Cassie Randolph, Underwood's girlfriend, shared updates about her reality star boyfriend and claimed that she had been helping him out as he gets better. Colton is currently living in their home in California.

In an Instagram story, she told fans to stay at home, drink plenty of water, get a lot of sleep, and take vitamins as well. According to Cassie, every time she leaves the top floor of the house after visiting Colton, she disinfects everything so as not to spread the virus around.

According to Colton, who dropped an Instagram post earlier this week about his experience with the virus, shared that it was actually quite debilitating, adding that whenever he walked up the stairs, he had difficulty breathing after.

The star noted that the respiratory aspect of the illness was easily the worst part about it, while also noting the other flu-like symptoms, like headache, body-pain, etc.

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