David Beckham’s Son, Brooklyn Gets His First Tattoo And It’s Just Like His Father’s!

David Beckham’s Son, Brooklyn Gets His First Tattoo And It’s Just Like His Father’s!
Source: huffingtonpost.com

David Beckham’s son, Brooklyn Beckham is following in his father’s footsteps as he is turning into a young adult.

The aspiring photographer and son of the famous soccer player had turned 18 years old a month ago, on March 4, and yesterday he decided to celebrate the coming of age by getting his first tattoo.

What was very special about the experience, aside from the fact that it marked him becoming of legal age was the type of tattoo he opted for.

Brooklyn chose an image of a Native American that was inked on his right forearm. The image was inspired by his father’s similar one on his torso.

The young adult posted a series of pictures of his first tattoo on social media and captioned the first one with a message of thanks for the artist who managed to get the image very close to his father’s.

"Thank you so much Mark x just like dads."

"Honoured to have my first tattoo done by dads friend Mark Mahoney," he captioned yet another photo of the tattoo.

Mark Mahoney is indeed, not only a famous tattoo artist but also Beckham’s old friend.

He does his art inside the Shamrock Social Club in West Hollywood and has tattooed many other celebrities, some being huge names like Lady Gaga and Johnny Depp.

Of course, he has inked David the most – the soccer player has over 40 ink work on his body.

On May 4, Brooklyn Beckham will release his upcoming photography book called What I See.

What did you think of Brooklyn’s first tattoo? Let us know by commenting down below.


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