David Beckham Also Kisses Son Brooklyn After Tom Brady's Father-Son Lip Lock Controversy!

David Beckham Also Kisses Son Brooklyn After Tom Brady's Father-Son Lip Lock Controversy!
Source: theplaybook.asia

Victoria Beckham took to social media to share with her fans a super sweet family moment. The vid features her husband David Beckham getting surprised by their son Brooklyn and the teen receiving a huge kiss for it.

The retired soccer player is now 43 years old and his oldest son, 19-year-old Brooklyn had a great surprise in mind for his father’s birthday.

The man was having dinner with his wife and little Harper Seven when Brooklyn strolled in unexpectedly.

The proud father was obviously surprised to see him there and expressed his excitement as best as he knew how.

His reaction is definitely priceless!

Dumbfounded by his son’s surprise, the dad keeps asking him over and over again: ‘What are you doing here?’

Then, David can be seen kissing his son’s cheek as the boy is leaning over the chair he was sitting on to give him a hug.

David looked like the gesture really touched him and although we’re not so sure if he got emotional or not, he surely didn’t want to let go of his son!

Such a genuine moment from one of the world’s most famous sportsmen!

At some point, Harper also says, ‘I didn’t know Brooklyn was going to be here.’ How cute!

Speaking of dads and sons and how they show affection to one another, a few months ago, yet another athlete, Tom Brady, received quite a lot of hate after kissing son Jack Moynahan on the lips.

‘Tom Brady’s one of my five favorite people but him making his son come back to kiss him on the lips for a longer time because his first kiss was not long enough is some very disturbing stuff,’ one fan wrote at the time in reaction to the controversial kiss.

Of course, David kissing the cheek of his son is definitely not the same thing and it was actually endearing.

Still, maybe David proving that more famous dads show affection in a touchy way, will get Tom Brady a bit off the hook.


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