David Adefeso's Video Has Fans Laughing - See It Here

David Adefeso's Video Has Fans Laughing - See It Here
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David Adefeso shared a video on his social media account that has fans and followers laughing. Check out his post here.

Someone said: 'Women set the tone for the house, but the man "sets the tone for her spirit."'

A commenter posted this: 'I prefer using actual words like, "Are you going to wash that out or you want me to get that?" Usually, the person will washout because they don't want you to clean up their mess. I don't like playing mind games. This is an issue with modern relationships. Just say what needs to be said, politely.'

One other follower said: 'I can hear myself now.... "Damn you good baby?"' and more people laughed in the comments.

A fan wrote this message in the comments: 'yah when it reaches at this stage, you know each other in and out.'

Someone else said: 'She better be paying some bills with all that nonsense noise she’s making.'

David Adefeso   is back with some financial advice. Check out the post that he shared on his social media account.

'10 Ways To Double Your Money Fast For most people, regularly contributing small sums of money into a long-term, well-diversified portfolio is the best way to accumulate wealth -- particularly if the portfolio is buried inside of a tax-efficient 401(k) plan. But where is the fun in that!' David began his post.

He continued: 'For those brave soldiers, those daytime warriors and warrioresses who, after covering all of her monthly expenses and regularly socking away a healthy chunk of pay into her 401(k) plan and savings a/c, still have a healthy chunk of free cash flow to “play” with; well, you’re in luck!'

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