David Adefeso's Black History Month-Related Post Impressed People - See It Here

David Adefeso's Black History Month-Related Post Impressed People - See It Here
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David Adefeso shared a video and a strong message to mark Black History Month. You can check it out below.

'On May 2, 1963, more than one thousand students skipped classes and gathered at Sixth Street Baptist Church to march to downtown Birmingham, Alabama. As they approached police lines, hundreds were arrested and carried off to jail in paddy wagons and school buses,' David began the post.

He continued: 'When hundreds more young people gathered the following day for another march, white commissioner, Bull Connor, directed the local police and fire departments to use force to halt the demonstration. Images of children being blasted by high-pressure fire hoses, being clubbed by police officers, and being attacked by police dogs appeared on television and in newspapers, and triggered outrage throughout the world.'

David also wrote: 'Despite the violence, children continued to march and protest in an organizing action now known as the Children’s Crusade. The crusade ended after intervention from the U.S. Department of Justice. The event moved President John F. Kennedy’s to express support for federal civil rights legislation and the eventual passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Source: National Museum of African American History and Culture.'

Someone commented: 'God will come to the aid of all blacks and other minorities in Jesus Name.'

A follower said: 'They have never taught black history in school I had to teach my kids and now I'm teaching my grandkids,' and someone else posted this message: 'Oftentimes the kids end up being the leaders because it’s their future they’re fighting for 🙌'

Another commenter said: 'Now we abort our black babies, assisting them in diminishing our race.'


If you’ve been wondering how and what is  Tamar Braxton ‘s ex,  David Adefeso doing these days, well, he’s still posting social messages about all kinds of issues on his social media account. Check out the latest one.

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