David Adefeso Wants People To Learn To Never Give Up

David Adefeso Wants People To Learn To Never Give Up
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David Adefeso has been supporting his fans and followers with all kinds of precious advice. It was mostly financial tips and tricks, but he's also been trying to teach people life lessons.

'Never Give Up! If there’s one lesson I could teach, above all else, it’s the power of never giving up. The journey will be rough and tough; you’ll get scrapes and bruises, your heart will break, your home mortgage, and the bills will keep rising. But if you give up, you only guarantee that you failed. And if you’re going to fail, why start the journey in the first place,' David wrote on his IG account.

He continued and said: 'So if the journey is worth starting, then it’s worth finishing. Finish the task you’ve set your mind to, for as long as you keep trying, you have the chance for success. Give up, and you only guarantee failure.'

Someone else posted this: 'So go to bed early today, rise up early tomorrow, dust yourself off, and dive right into that problem you’ve been avoiding- for “winners never quit, and quitters never win” Vince Lombardi.'

Another follower said: 'Exactly graduated this year age 50 my degree in sociology and did it in 3 years. I was still reinventing myself Pisces yes. I have done a lot of sh*t prior but I flipped the script when I took and passed that degree against the odds. I tell my girls one thing just don't give up and that door has got to give.'

One follower said: 'God bless you for sharing all this insight,' and another fan wrote: 'Yes, thanks needed to hear this in every aspect of my life.'

One follower posted this message: '@david.adefeso great video, I would like to have you on the podcast. Let me know your availability.'

In other news, Tamar Braxton’s BF,  David shared a message on his social media account, in order to try and help fans learn how to become financially free.

He’s been offering economic advice to people for a while now, and they always appreciated this.

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