David Adefeso Teaches You How To Start Your Own Business

David Adefeso Teaches You How To Start Your Own Business
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David Adefeso just shared a video, teaching his fans how to start their own business. Check out the post that he shared on his social media account.

'You won’t want to miss today’s show, as we cover the best way to start your own business. Whether it's e-commerce or brick & mortar, we’ve got you covered. Can’t figure out the best places to get loans for your business? We’ve got you! Join me at 2p PT on my YouTube Channel! Link in bio See you soon! Follow @david.adefeso,' David captioned his post.

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Someone said: 'Love this guy!!! LISTEN TO HIM PEOPLE!!!'

David also shared this message and a clip of him promoting his app.

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'David and Sootchy in Jacksonville, Arkansas Sootchy and I are here this weekend to open up college savings accounts for 1,200 k-12 students in Central Arkansas and the Delta Region-two highly underserved and underrepresented parts of America that the country left behind. We contribute our own money into each child’s account to give them a head start,' David said.

He continued and said: 'Studies show that kids with a college degree or other higher education make $1 million more over their career than those with a high school diploma only. Studies also show that kids with an education fund are 7x more likely to go to college. So if a higher education makes you richer, and a college fund makes you more likely to get that higher education, why doesn’t every child in America have a college fund? Unfortunately, Blacks attend and graduate from college at a rate less than half that of Whites,' David continued.

He also said: 'So, Sootchy and I are on a mission to make sure that the 3 million low to middle-income Black and minority kids in America can afford an education with no student debt. I’d love you to join me in this Mission.....'

David's fans are beyond excited.


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