David Adefeso Teaches Fans How To Never Be a Victim Again

David Adefeso Teaches Fans How To Never Be a Victim Again
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David Adefeso shared an interesting post on his social media account. You can check it out below.

'The Power of Credit - “How To Never Be A Victim Again” I can’t ever forget what my first boss once told me: “It doesn’t matter how much cash you have. With good credit I’ll always be able to afford more than you.” Your credit is your ticket to the American dream...' David began his message.

He continued and said: '— You could buy your dream home and qualify for a cheaper mortgage which will help you save more in your 401k so you have more money at a retirement... — You could land that dream job that requires a credit check, which could set you on a path to financial security, wellness and happiness... — You could qualify for lower-interest loans and credit cards, which could allow you to save for that awesome once in a lifetime vacation around the world with your family Whatever your goals are, it starts with good credit. Join me on Monday at 1pm PST / 4pm EST on my YouTube channel or Facebook page to talk about ways to get the best out of your credit. #WealthDemystified #WDwithDA Follow @david.adefeso.'

Someone posted this message: 'Yes sir, and keeping balances low and paying them off quickly is beneficial as well. Use credit, don’t let it use you lol.'

A follower said: 'This is the advice I gave to my children. I stayed on them about it.'

Someone else posted this: 'Mr. David I have applied some of the principles of managing debts and it has worked for me. I believed in all you teach. Thanks Mr. David.'

David Adefeso  addresses free education for everyone. Check out the video that he shared on his social media account.


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