David Adefeso Shocks Fans With This Video

David Adefeso Shocks Fans With This Video
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David Adefeso is shocking his fans and followers with this video that he shared on social media. Check it out here.

'Something tells me this is not her first time doing this #explore #explorepage #viral #viralreels #fish,' David captioned his post.


Someone said: 'I guarantee you its not. I saw a video a while ago, it was filmed in NY where a man was literally standing on the fish to fix something on tge wall or ceiling. I cant remember now. But the fish was stacked on ice for customers to select. Guess who dont go back no more.'

A commenter posted this: 'I can't stop laughing, I am in tears. The funniest thing I seen all week.'

One other fan said: 'She needs to join a soccer team or become the kicker on a football time! wHat?'

A follower said: 'I feel for that fish and whoever bought to eat it. We don’t need to be cruel to animals. Especially ones that we eat and nourish. You don’t want to eat a tense fish that died from anxiety. Respecting our food is very important to nourishment.'

Someone else said: 'Koreans are so funny without effort and they mean every word of it I bet that fish doesn’t jump out again.'

David Adefeso is telling fans and followers how to start building credit from scratch. Check out his post here.

'No matter how much cash you have, with good credit, I’ll always be able to afford more than you” That’s the lifelong lesson my old boss once taught me. Unfortunately, many people go through life locked out of the American financial system and the American dream because of bad credit,' David began his post.


He continued and said: 'Whether it’s because of missed credit card payments, unaffordable healthcare costs, or unsustainable student loan payments, bad credit can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime. Here’s how to start rebuilding your credit so you can become financially stronger, happier, and set yourself up for financial independence. Like, Save and Share with friends & family who may need it!' he captioned his post.'

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