David Adefeso Says That The Kids Of America Had A Great Day - See What's This All About

David Adefeso Says That The Kids Of America Had A Great Day - See What's This All About
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David Adefeso is making some moves to support kids and young people. He has been keeping fans and followers updated on social media.

Check out his latest move.

'Today was a good day for America’s children. With the $1.9 Trillion bill passed by the House today, poor and lower-middle-income parents will be able to afford to buy food, pay their rent and afford tuition/daycare costs for their young children. Families making $75,000 or less will now receive between $3,000 and $3,600 per child, depending on whether the child is over 5 years old or under. It will be paid in monthly installments, starting this Summer,' David began his post.

He continued and said: 'It’s called the Child Tax Credit. At a 10% poverty rate, the U.S. ranks as number 35 out of 37 countries in the list of OECD developed nations. It’s been far too long that we have allowed the neediest families and children among us to go hungry and without a safe place to sleep. With this bill, at least there’ll be food on the table and milk for the children.'

David also said: 'For those who criticize this bill as another “giveaway” to the undeserving, I say to you – “It’s likely you’ve never been hungry, or homeless or desperate. If you had, you’d understand.” I have, and I understand. It’s time we stop punishing children for being born to poor parents. GO @POTUS !

Someone said: 'Wow!!! I'm speechless - thank you so much for caring❤' and a follower posted this: 'The ppl like me who are opposed is bc of all the “giveaways” in political “pork” that has nothing to do with CV relief. This child tax credit is just a small portion of 1.9 trillion dollars.'

David Adefeso  spent some quality time with some kids in the 5th grade. Check out what he had to say about this.


‘It was my greatest honor and pleasure to spend time with the most amazing 5th graders ever.'

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