David Adefeso Reveals The Most Frequently Asked Question About Starting A Business

David Adefeso Reveals The Most Frequently Asked Question About Starting A Business
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David Adefeso is revealing a frequent question that he gets about starting a business. Check out his clip.

'One of my most frequently asked questions!“What is the first step in starting a business?”This Sunday at 2p PT on #WealthDemystified I’m breaking down all the ways to avoid the most common mistakes small business owners encounter.7 out of 10 small businesses fail, but yours doesn’t have to be one of them! Join me on YouTube every Sunday for financial literacy lessons. Click the link in my bio to catch up with past episodes. Follow @david.adefeso,' he wrote.

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Someone said: 'I look forward to this lesson also, thanks for sharing👏👏' and another follower posted this: 'But I wanna hear what you gonna say when you start with your own #abi👀'

One other follower said: 'I can’t tell you why “what I did was a mistake I believe it’s because I didn’t wanna fight anymore it’s get tiring and at some point you’ll just think if GOD wanted me to have it then he’ll bless it so you now start to think it wasn’t meant to be ### you forget to fight for it #'

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In other news, David Adefeso   is talking about cryptocurrencies in this most recent video. Check it out here.

'Thinking About Investing in Cryptocurrencies? With crypto being such a hot topic as of late, many people ask me about Bitcoin and whether or not it’s a good investment to buy. Here, I give you an overview of crypto currencies like Bitcoin and advice on whether or not Bitcoin has a place in your portfolio,' he said,


David continued: 'For more financial tips and lessons, tune into #WealthDemystified every Sunday at 2p PT for a live discussion series where I breakdown the need to know gems required for financial success. Link in bio,' he captioned his post.

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