David Adefeso Reveals That Nigeria Banned Twitter

David Adefeso Reveals That Nigeria Banned Twitter
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David Adefeso just told his fans and IG followers that Nigeria banned Twitter. Check out his message here.

'Nigeria Bans Twitter My thoughts on Nigeria’s Twitter Ban #KeepitOn,' David said.

Someone else posted this: 'Trying to deny our people their human right of free speech on the open and free internet is NOT ok! We will not be silenced! SO tired of these dictators having toddler hissy fits and misusing their power! #Bullies #NaijaSpeak #NaijaGoddess.'

A follower said: 'How sad. One wonders why they are trying so hard to silence their own people🤔' and someone else posted this: 'Lord please, rescue Nigeria from bad governance🙏'

One fan said: 'When you are lead by shameless and violent leaders u will understand why the Igbo's have got no choice,' and a commenter posted this: 'They igbos didn't hurt anyone sir.please get ur facts right. The killers are government mercenaries.'

Someone else said: 'If that man is allowed to get away with it, we're doomed (my opinion). It's been said, he's gotten China to look help look into permanently disabling the domain! He should be banned from accessing healthcare abroad since he has not catered for one at home. He swore an oath of office Nigerians to, serve and protect. OMG! 😤'

One fan posted this: 'Correction. The burning of police stations where not carried out by people of the south east but by the government of Nigeria . It was just a set up.'

A follower posted this: 'Man, you looks soooo much happier and peaceful since …. Well, you know…. You can literally see it all over you….. don’t ever sacrifice your peace for toxicity…. 👏👏'


Other than this, David is living his best life with his family and friends. Stay tuned for more news.

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