David Adefeso Reveals Millionaires' Regrets

David Adefeso Reveals Millionaires' Regrets
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David Adefeso is revealing millionaire's regrets./ Check out his emotional message below.

'67-year-old millionaire regrets not teaching his kids these 6 top money lessons when they were young: SIX Things Millionaires Regret Not Teaching Their Kids Earlier.Parents, what are your financial regrets? CNBC says that wealthy parents wish they taught these to their kids EARLIER,' he began his post.

He continued and said: ''Before buying something they want, to stop and think—do I really need this? Understand that material wealth ≠ real wealth. Grow wealth by compound interest. Learn methods of passive income. Accept that luck is made through hard work. And most importantly.Know that today's debt equals tomorrow's misery.
In other words, a plethora of mindsets that would've helped kids become more financially resilient as they grew up.'

He also said: 'The caveat? It's never too late to learn. ere's my advice Keep up with the latest technology in personal finance (websites, apps, fintech firms) Read blogs on successful wealth creation and 401K investing.  Prioritize planning your college finances early with @sootchyapp! These are the three most powerful ways to build a positive, debt-free financial mindset. And they're valid no matter what age group you're currently in. How have you been teaching your kids about finances? Let me know in the comments below Like, Save and Share with friends & family who may need it! Bridging the gap between student loans and financial freedom - David Adefeso.'

David Adefeso   is shocking his fans and followers with this video that he shared on social media. Check it out here.

'Something tells me this is not her first time doing this #explore #explorepage #viral #viralreels #fish,' David captioned his post.

Also, David   is telling fans and followers how to start building credit from scratch. Check out his post here.


'No matter how much cash you have, with good credit, I’ll always be able to afford more than you” That’s the lifelong lesson my old boss once taught me. Unfortunately, many people go through life locked out of the American financial system and the American dream because of bad credit,' David began his post.

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