David Adefeso Proudly Announced Fans That He's Been Featured In Forbes

David Adefeso Proudly Announced Fans That He's Been Featured In Forbes
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If you've been wondering how David Adefeso , Tamar Braxton's ex is doing these days, well, he seems to be having more and more success. He's recently been featured in Forbes magazine and he made sure to note this on social media.

Check out the post that he dropped at the ending of 2020.

'Is this a short-term solution to a long-term problem? In the latest @Forbes article, I share my advice on Biden’s possible executive action to relieve current student loan debt. Head to the link in my bio to read it now,' David posted.

Someone said: 'But the government helps big corporations out of short term situations all the time.'

A commenter posted this message: 'He has money so he will never understand why we have a student loan to pay for our education. So if Biden can clear that off my credit and help my credit score I don’t see how that’s a short term fix to me that’s a long term future fix.'

One other follower said: 'I believe it will boost the economy in the long run. Instead of paying down tens of thousands of dollars in debt over 30 years, people can invest that money in real estate and business ventures.'

One follower said: 'Look, I need my student loan forgiven ‼️ Lol...that’s the only thing that’s on my credit.'

A follower said: 'Even if Biden removes $10,000 from most student loans it won't do much. the interest has accrued so much on many loans that $10,000 won't even make a dent.'

One fan said: 'Great job David. 👏👏You are an inspiration to all of us. Please keep us the great work you are doing on behalf of those who can’t help themselves.'


David is doing well and fans love this especially following the scandal with Tamar Braxton from the past year.

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