David Adefeso Has The Best Time With These Kids - Check Out His Message

David Adefeso Has The Best Time With These Kids - Check Out His Message
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David Adefeso spent some quality time with some kids in the 5th grade. Check out what he had to say about this.

'It was my greatest honor and pleasure to spend time with the most amazing 5th graders ever... @lhaarkansas LHA Scholars 📝 For an hour, they pelted me with questions about what I do for a living, where I grew up, what kind of car I drive, and why my hair is so long 🤣' David began his message.

He continued and said: 'In return, I got to ask each of them what they wished to be when they grew up: ⁃ There was Ebony, who wants to be a doctor for women. ⁃ Zenaya, who wants to be a successful businesswoman to help people. ⁃ Angela, who wants to be a famous fashion designer so she can make people feel good about what they look like.'

David also said: 'After a free college education in Nigeria and a chance to attend Harvard Business School in Cambridge MA, I have been able to parlay my “talents” into running two extremely successful businesses, become wealthier than I ever could have imagined, and now have the honor of being able to make a difference in the lives of the people around me.'

' Many of these kids won’t be that lucky. As a result of the underserved and underrepresented community into which they were born, the statistics say that less than 3 of 10 of these amazing students will get an opportunity to attend and graduate from college. But we won’t let these stats speak for us,' David also said.

He also made sure to highlight the fact that we 'as a country must work hard to reverse the tide that has kept such a large portion of our population in poverty— generationally. Don’t these kids deserve a chance to attend college, where the size of their dreams is limited only by the extent of their imagination, rather than the color of their skin or their parents’ annual income?'

He also revealed what his plans for these kids are. Fans appreciated what he has been doing for the community.


Check out his original post in order to see the whole message.

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