David Adefeso Has Fans Choosing His Best Version

David Adefeso Has Fans Choosing His Best Version
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David Adefeso has fans choosing the best version of himself. Check out the post that he shared on his social media account.

'Which David do you like best? 🤔Tell me in the comments 👇🏾👇🏾' he captioned his post.

Someone said: 'The ones where you laughing! The other ones look dark,' and a commenter said: 'Demeanor in the first portrait is powerful 🔥🔥 #eyesofstrength.'

Someone else posted this: 'The wise one who gives out knowledge and support 🙌🏾 👏🏾 💯 with humility.'

One otheer follower said: 'All of the above, for all the purposes in you. 🔥😍🔥😍' and a commente rposted this: 'I like #3. It looks like you're about to do something you're very good at and are passionate about. That's imparting knowledge. I can see the joy it gives you, it's written all over your face. This pose reminds me of that...so #3.'

A fan said: 'All the above my brother...Each pic speaks value for itself.We all have good days,bad days,but at the end of the day we blessed my brother @david.adefeso love 💖 you.'

Someone else posted this: 'I like David period 🤷‍♀️😂. All the pictures are great and I love them all. But, there's something about the 1st David ( I meant the photo) that captured my attention, in this picture, there's so much power, poised, grace, and confidence. #JustRegal❤️ @david.adefeso.'

A fan said: 'Different vibes for one great man. I'll take them all. God's continued blessings upon you @david.adefeso,' and a follower said: 'David in the 3rd slide looks like he's about to risk it all 😢'

Someone esle said: 'All four! I see a contented man going about his business and enjoying the heck outta life.'


Stay tuned for more news about David. He is living his best life these days.

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