David Adefeso Has A Message For Fans Ahead Of NYE

David Adefeso Has A Message For Fans Ahead Of NYE
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David Adefeso shared a message on her social media account that has fans in awe. Check out what he said below.

'Merry Christmas to all my amazing friends and compadres out there!! Heading out to another beautiful tropical island for some much-needed R&R. Although someday I once again hope to share these lifetime memories with someone special, I must admit that I do love my solo vacations. So, until then its fun, sun, beach and lots of mojitos. What are you all doing this beautiful Christmas Day,' David captioned his post.

Someone said: 'Merry Christmas, may your blessings overflow in this season of miracles "David"' and a follower said: 'We are on a cruise back to the Port of Miami as I'm typing. Have fun!'

One fan posted this: 'David enjoy your solo vacation.. once in life a man needs to be alone and rethink about his life and rebuild for the best which lasts for better.. Good luck to your journey!!! Merry Christmas.. I enjoyed all your teaching!!! '

A commenter said: 'Merry Christmas David! You are such an amazing man and you deserve every good thing that comes to you. Much Blessings for the new year.'

One fan posted: 'Merry Christmas bestfriend @david.adefeso . You didn't invite me again, enjoy your R&R.'

David Adefeso   shared a message in which he addresses the key to solving an important problem. Check out his post here.

'Driven by the generational cycles of poverty we are all too familiar with, violence and homicides are skyrocketing in our communities. While we may not have caused the problem in the first place, it is incumbent on us to take the initiative and help our communities break these cycles that are holding us back generation after generation, with no end in sight,' David captioned his post.


Not too long ago, he also shared the definition of happiness: 'My definition of happiness: riding in the mountains with nothing but wild cows and the cool ocean breeze.#explore #explorepage #viral #horse #horsebackriding.'

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