David Adefeso Has A Message About The African Diaspora - Check It Out Here

David Adefeso Has A Message About The African Diaspora - Check It Out Here
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David Adefeso shared a message on his social media account about the African Diaspora. Check out his post that includes a video below.

'The power of the African Diaspora! Pidgin English, Patois, Creole etc. are also very similar to AAVE. Have you noticed this phenomenon before? Repost @babatunde_hiphopera' David captoioned his post.

Someone said: '@david.adefeso hmm those negro spiritual come from my people in sea islands of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. These people are called Gullah Geechee, and we still have the accent.'

Another follower posted this: 'Hey! Thanks for the share! I'm glad so many people are resonating with this!' and someoene else posted this message: 'Yes, they are all so interconnected because they all originated from the same place🔥🔥.'

One other follower said: 'Great video. Loved it. I love first-generation Africans because a lot of them connect the dots because they are in both worlds. ✊🏽✊🏽'

David has been making headlines lately due to the useful financial advice that he has been sharing with his fans these days.

People appreciate all the clips and advice that he is posting on social media, and they always make sure to share their gratitude via the comments section.

David made headlines recently, but this time, it was in relation to Tamar Braxton .

Just in case you don't know what's this all about, Tamar Braxton   opened up about David Adefeso's cheating from back in 2019. Check out a tweet to which she responded:

Someone said: 'You only see what people allow you to see. Stop thinking you know a person when you really don’t. Mind your business, talking bout you really liked him. Then you date him cause he wasn’t the best person for Tamar.'

You should check out what Tamar said in the post that has been revealed in a previous article . Stay tuned for more news.

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