David Adefeso Gushes Over Tamar Braxton While On Tour With Her

David Adefeso Gushes Over Tamar Braxton While On Tour With Her
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Tamar Braxton had two shows on Kandi Burruss' The Dungeon tour, and she did not go alone. As expected, her man, David Adefeso was right there with her as well, and he made sure to praise her on social media.

Check out the post below.

'Leaving ATL with my @tamarbraxton🥰🥰. @thedungeontour show last night was completely off the chain🔥🔥....surprises at every turn..Whoa!!!💥💥😋😋. Can’t wait for New Orleans tonight,' David captioned his video.

Someone said: 'He came and got his lady.❤️❤️❤️ Acting up in the Dungeon 😂🤣😂' and a follower posted: 'Tamar you are looking gorgeous 💥💥'

One follower said: 'That's right David lol go and get your Tamar!!! I just love these two together!!'

A follower posted: 'You are such a beautiful Nigerian man your Yeye whoa did goood j o b. Ase.'

One fan discussed the fact that David usually says 'My Tamar': '@david.adefeso I love how selfish u r with "YOUR TAMAR"..... I love how every time u address her, u do it as "MY TAMAR".... Shes definitely YOUR TAMAR,.... but just say "OUR TAMAR" one time just for me to feel like shes mines too lol, I'm such a Tamartian.... Love u guys soooo much. Thank you for making "MY TAMAR" Soooooooo Happy... This smile Looks Great on her!!!@ 👏👏👏 Nothin but blessings.... Signed a True Fan.'

Someone else also said: 'I rather my man say My Shasa than say my girlfriend.. either way both have the word "My" acknowledging the relationship- David doesn't have a possessive personality.. We must pay attention to the person before judging and or assuming something negative.. When we are quick to assume something negative we should take a couple steps back and look at ourselves.'

Not too long ago, David attended a prestigious event in Beverly Hills together with Tamar.

He shared a video on his social media account and detailed the terrific night that he had together with his lady.

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