David Adefeso Addresses The Situation In Nigeria And Says People Need To Break The Chains Of A Corrupt System

David Adefeso Addresses The Situation In Nigeria And Says People Need To Break The Chains Of A Corrupt System
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David Adefeso seems to ignore the hate that's coming from the Braxton family, and he's focused on raising awareness about what's happening in Nigeria. He just shared a new post, and you can check out what he's telling people in the message below.

'In a country where the rich, tyrannical few oppress the poor, hungry majority, a triumph over an unjust and repressive system, no matter the size, is always to be celebrated. So it was with great joy that I saw my fellow brothers and sisters rejoice at the fall of the corrupt, rogue arm of the Nigerian Police force, SARS (Special Anti-Robbery Squad), an organization that Amnesty International recently documented was actively involved in oppression, suppression, extra-judicial executions (they killed people), beatings, torture and unwarranted incarceration (they lock your ass up for nothing!).,' David began his message.

He continued and explained that 'Actually, it sounds very much like what happens in many parts of America today also! As one American hero recently said, “police brutality here in America often is an abuse of power-driven by race. To be brutalized, extorted, and murdered by your own people is unimaginable”! Well, that’s what’s happening in Nigeria- a country where serving your government is where fortunes are made; a country with more (declared and undeclared) billionaires than any other African country but whose people subsist monthly on less than it costs me to buy my favorite bottle of red wine at #WholeFoods!⁣'

David also said: 'But the voice of the people will not be silenced, and amidst our pain and suffering at the hands of these leaders, we continue to enjoy the very traditions that endear our culture, our music, our clothing, and our people to so many around the World. Traditions of love, family, and hope, mixed in with a healthy dose of #afrobeats and a glorious night of dancing!⁣'

Among other things, David said: 'So, we must not bend, we must not break, and we must not relent until our dreams of freedom from the chains of a corrupt system are broken. God Bless You, My Brothers and Sisters!'

You can check out his complete message above.

People showed their gratitude to David for speaking about all of this.

Someone wrote: 'Thanks for standing up against this tyranny. Too many people are dying at the hands of police. We need to continue speaking up. AND VOTE.'

Another commenter said: 'Thank you for sharing this - very, very eye-opening. Everyone needs to read this post!'

Someone else posted this message: 'Thanks for the support MR David even amidst your own trails. May God strengthens you, however now it’s about #endswat this is a new unit created under a day when sars was disbanded. This simply means the same rouges just different uniforms and names. Very sad, we want a total reform of the police force, accountability of every sars who are offenders, compensation for dead souls lost before and during the protest by the sars also Properties destroyed.'

David Adefeso  has been involved in a massive scandal with  Tamar Braxton and her family.

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