David Adefeso Addresses People Who Lost Their Jobs During The Pandemic

David Adefeso Addresses People Who Lost Their Jobs During The Pandemic
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If you've been wondering how and what is Tamar Braxton 's ex, David Adefeso doing these days, well, he's still posting social messages about all kinds of issues on his social media account. Check out the latest one below.

'Many of these users are young Millennials and unbanked minorities — Black, Hispanic and Native Americans, who lost their jobs and are struggling to make ends meet. Damaging their credit scores and garnishing their bank accounts only exacerbates the racial wealth divide we are fighting so hard to heal. @Venmo #dotherightthing @CashApp where do you stand on this?' he wrote.

A follower said: 'Thanks for shining light on this. Shame on you @venmo. I considered using your services but it’s a NO for me.'

One other commenter posted this message: 'I just started following you by chance, and I love the wisdom you impart into our lives. Please keep up the good work Sir. You are appreciated and needed.'

David also posted this message: 'Why would any country on Earth have the ability to lift 900,000 of its most vulnerable citizens out of poverty with one or two strokes of the pen, but still balk at it? Job losses are temporary, but permanently lifting our people out of poverty should be the goal.'

A follower said: 'They raise it in Chicago but cut sick days. Cut full time from 40 hrs to 30 hours said we were getting paid for mlk day but took a floating holiday. Trust me they are not giving us jack with 15hr.'

Someone else posted this: 'But the cost of living is steadily increasing anyway. $15/hr isn’t going to get anyone out of poverty especially when healthcare for their family is eating up their check.'

Other than this, David seems to have recovered following the breakup with Tamar Braxton. She is also doing well these days.

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