Davey Havok From AFI Named PETA2's Hottest Vegetarian Male Celebrity

Davey Havok From AFI Named PETA2's Hottest Vegetarian Male Celebrity
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If you like a little beefcake but don't like beef or hamburger, then you'll be thrilled to know that Davey Havok from AFI has been named the Hottest Vegetarian Male Celebrity by PETA2 in their annual competition. Each year enthusiastic fans can vote to select vegetarian celebrities they feel are smokin' hot while 100% committed to a vegetarian lifestyle.

Vegetarians and PETA2 friends know Havok well, as he was a big part of an anti-leather PETA2 ad campaign in 2016. The adorable, well-muscled Havok posed completely nude!

It is clear that Havoc is a quite passionate and dedicated vegetarian as he stated in the video that an animal's life was worth much more than any piece of clothing or confident feeling one received while wearing leather. He also pointed out that if you are not eating animals but do wear leather, then you are not being eco-friendly. Which is certainly something to consider if you are serious about leading a vegetarian lifestyle.

Being a vegetarian at times can truly take hard work and effort. Sometimes you have to bring food with you if there are no vegetarian options available at a location or an event. Any vegetarian also understands that there can be animal by products in some of the ingredients that we use for food, and to truly be dedicated you wind up eliminating these from your diet.

Those who choose this lifestyle, some are drawn at first for health reasons or perhaps a deep love of animals or to care for the environment at large. Celebrities know that by being a vegetarian, they are doing something good for themselves as well as for others simply by making healthy food and drink choices each day.

PETA2 awarded both male and female celebrities that were both vegetarian and super sexy! The hottest female celebrity to win was actor Madelaine Petsch, best known for her role on the TV show Riverdale.

It is clear there were a lot to choose from, as there were several runners-up. The female runners-up were social media celebrity Eva Gutowski and singer & songwriter Skylar Stecker. Male runners-up were Travis Barker from Blink-182 and Maury, an alternative hip-hop artist.

Congratulations PETA2 Winners!


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