Dave Franco Opens Up About New Marriage To Allison Brie

Dave Franco Opens Up About New Marriage To Allison Brie

The younger Franco brother has recently tied the knot with actress Alison Brie and opened up about their union for the first time when he visited The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon .

One of the commonalities of their personalities is that they are both pretty crazy about cats. So much so that their pet cats are a huge part of their home lives. Franco, who is 32, explained just how cat obsessed the two of them are.

"I don't know how I became the quirky cat guy. They're a huge part of my life... at one point in my life, I was the single guy with two 16-pound cats," Franco explained to Fallon. He goes on to joke that his affinity for cats has also helped in weeding out his dating options.

Franco even joked that Brie was the first one who really liked his cats. He says they call them small panthers because they are so much bigger than regular cats. He goes on to say that Brie was really the only choice he had for marriage as he's that devoted to his cats.

"She was really my only option [for marriage]," he joked followed by crowd laughter.

Franco went on to say that the two of them compliment each other well as they are generally very private people. They are both so private that once when Brie threw Franco a surprise party, he became so anxious and didn't want to be the center of attention that he ate an entire weed brownie which actually only made his anxiety much worse.

To the point that he actually experienced his first ever panic attack and pleaded with Brie to get everyone out of the house. That seemed to be one of the divining moments of their relationship as they still joke about being able to survive anything if they survived a panic induced surprise party.

The two tied the knot after three years of dating. This was also after Brie had made comments about maybe not being the type that would get married- looks like her mind was changed.

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