Dave East Wants To Do This For Nipsey Hussle's Children, Emani And Kross Asghedom

Dave East Wants To Do This For Nipsey Hussle's Children, Emani And Kross Asghedom
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Among the many people who were affected by the sudden and unexpected death of rapper Nipsey Hussle, Dave East has recently taken the opportunity to discuss his feelings on the matter, and how the situation has changed his life.

According to Dave, a big personal debate for him has been whether or not he should release some of the collaborations he had done with Nipsey.

The rapper is apparently very split on that, with one part of him telling him that the world would love to hear more of Nipsey's work and it would benefit his children, (10-year-old daughter Emani Asghedom and 3-year-old son, Kross Asghedom), while another suggesting that it might be a disrespect to his memory.

According to Dave, the collaboration project between himself and Nipsey has been quite the major one, spanning across six tracks at the time the late hip-hop star was gunned down.

Dave said: "I don't know because this sh** weird. That was my friend. I know it might be dope for the fans and for the people that love Nip, and love what I do, and love us together. The only reason I would do it is to get whatever was made from it and give it to Emani and Kross. But I can't do no videos for it. That would make it weird. And to know we actually spoke about the sh*t. We wanted to do a tour with it. We used to say, 'Yo, we going to only feature Snoop [Dogg] and keep this sh*t on some Crip sh*t.' We used to have them convos. So, I don't even like listening to them songs. To put them out, I know I'd have to go through a whole process with that and have to revisit that too much."

It is possible that even more pieces had been planned for the release but never made it to existence due to the unexpected tragic incident.

Many of Dave's own fans seem supportive of the idea of him releasing the tracks, but not everyone agrees.

Others have been sharing his views regarding respect and other similar points, and it is not clear at all where things will go from this point.

Dave has been known to be a highly respectful member of the rap community in general, and it would be unlike him to do something that would anger most of his fans, or even worse, go against the memory of a fellow rapper.

What do you think Dave will do?

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  • Charity
    Charity Nov 17, 2019 8:19 AM PST

    Daveeast, I think you should talk to him. You know he is there with you and I believe he would want you to put it out and knowing the person that he was.If He didn't want it out He wouldn't have done or we wouldn't have known him. He was a REAL 100% AUTHENTIC MAN. HE wanted everybody to eat. I know people would love to hear him. That man blessed us with so much wisdom so I think you should put out one song at a time or one a year so you can spread it out and the proceeds should be split down the middle because that's just the way Nipsey is. He was real everybody know that that's why they killed him just like they did HIS inspiration Malcolm X but that's my opinion. So I hope I get to hear the new music. I think you feel him telling you,but you afraid of backlash and that's ok I feel you. Let's set a poll. 1.How many people wanna hear the new music with Nip? 2. How many don't wanna hear the new music with Nip?

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