Dave Chappelle Trashes Staten Island In New YouTube Special

Dave Chappelle Trashes Staten Island In New YouTube Special
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It's clear that Dave Chappelle isn't a fan of Staten Island. According to a new report from the New York Post, Dave Chappelle - who just dropped a brand new special, 8:46, on YouTube this past Friday night - skewered the city during his reference to the killing of George Floyd and other African-Americans by the police.

In his new special, Dave touched on the shootings which he described as occurring repeatedly in succession, including men such as Eric Garner, who died after a confrontation with police while selling cigarettes.

Eric was killed on Staten Island, the same place where his wife lived. Chappelle joked that the place was "awful" and his wife knows it too.

The stand-up comedian, echoing sentiments similar to Pete Davidson, said that anyone who's ever been to Staten Island knows that it's a terrible place to be. Dave goes on to say, with the exception of the Wu-Tang Clan, "f*ck everybody on Staten Island."

Dave addressed the death of Garner and other black men, saying that it seemed like there was just one after another. Reportedly, Dave's new special was filmed on the 6th of June in Yellow Springs, Ohio, where Chappelle happens to live.

Coincidentally, Davidson just dropped a brand new movie called The King of Staten Island, and Pete has also commented negatively on the city in the past. During a chat with reporters from Uproxx back in 2016, Dave said that the entire city "sucks."

He said succinctly, "f*ck them. They all suck." The SNL alum says that the entire island has nothing to do with him or his success. Davidson goes on to joke that a massive wave could take out the entire city and he wouldn't move in his sleep a bit.

Finally, Davidson put the nail in the coffin and said that he would probably sleep better at night if the entire city was washed away. As it was noted above, Davidson just got finished dropping a brand new movie, The King of Staten Island , which documents Davidson's rise to success.

The movie was controversially pulled from theaters over the last few days on account of an error.

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