Dave Chappelle Says Trump Supporters Aren't His 'Enemy' - He Understands Why They Voted For Him

Dave Chappelle Says Trump Supporters Aren't His 'Enemy' - He Understands Why They Voted For Him
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Dave Chappelle was in the media two times earlier this month for topics unrelated to his typical stand-up routines and Netflix specials. Dave announced, through a joint Instagram post with Andrew Yang, that he was a member of the "Yang Gang," the social media nomenclature that labels supporters of Andrew and his policies.

Dave's political views often leak out into his comedy sets, but rarely do they ever become full-fledged endorsements. However, recently, Dave shared his thoughts on Donald Trump and his supporters, taking a stance that was unlike other Hollywood celebrities.

During a chat with reporters in Iowa earlier in the week, Chappelle explained why he thinks Yang is a good choice but also revealed that he understands completely why someone would vote for Donald Trump, despite the president's controversial conduct.

Chappelle argued, "I understand why people voted for Trump, I understand people are desperate." Chappelle went on to say that Andrew Yang was right, claiming that it was best to run as a politician against the supposed ideas that got Trump elected.

When asked why Dave suddenly chose to announce his political affiliations now, Chappelle explained that he supported Andrew Yang's ideas so wholeheartedly that it seemed silly to not get behind him publicly.

Chappelle explained that there have been many good ideas coming from Andrew Yang this year, but he hasn't received much coverage. As it was noted above, Dave Chappelle announced he was a full-fledged member of the Yang Gang in an Instagram post that subsequently turned heads.

Yang later responded to the post and said "you are the best. Let's do this for our kids." When Donald Trump was first elected, Dave Chappelle stood up on stage on Saturday Night Live and asked for the crowd to at least give Trump a chance.

He later apologized for his comments. "I f**ked up, sorry," Chappelle added while standing on stage at the Robin Hood Gala in New York City. Another celebrity to stand down from sympathizing with Donald Trump was Kanye West, who, for months, appeared to be his number one fan.

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