Daphne Zuniga Dishes Possible Melrose Place Reboot Following BH90210 Success

Daphne Zuniga Dishes Possible Melrose Place Reboot Following BH90210 Success
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Daphne Zuniga is dishing on a possible Melrose Place reboot thanks to the success of BH90210.

Only two episodes of the Beverly Hills 9021 0 reboot have aired, but the show is already a huge hit with fans. The premise took a little getting used to, but for the most part, viewers are thrilled to have the original Peach Pit gang back together .

The actress was promoting her new Lifetime film Gates of Paradise when the success of BH90210 was mention. Melrose Plac e was the other mega-hit Fox drama back in the '90s. It was also a spin-off from the original Beverly Hills 90210 .

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight , Zuniga got real about whether or not she thought a Melrose Place reboot was a good idea. More specifically, if she thought her former castmates would be into doing a similar style reboot as the new Fox hit.

"Yeah. I would never say no to good material if it were good, right? "I think the set-up is really interesting that they're playing their characters wanting to do a revival. So I don't know that we would do that same thing, we'd have to come up with something clever," she explained regarding the concept.

When it came to whether or not she thought any of her former costars would be on board, Zuniga had a positive response.

"I'm still in touch with some of the actors from Melrose Place , and we enjoy other's company. I would totally be open to that. I still talk with Laura Leighton, Courtney Thorne-Smith and Grant Show, so we'd have to see who and what the stories were. But yeah, I'd be open to it." the 56-year-old shared

There was Melrose Place revival on The CW for a hot second. Following the success of 90210 , The CW launched Melrose Place , but it was a disaster. Despite appearances by original stars, Zuniga, Heather Locklear, Thomas Calabro, Josie Bissett and Laura Leighton the show tanked. It was pulled after one season.

Daphne Zuniga is onboard for some kind of Melrose Place reboot. It, of course, depends on the idea and story, but the possibility is still there.

Melrose Place and Beverly Hills 90210 went hand in hand back in the '90s. Therefore, it is not surprising rumors of an MP reboot are starting to heat up.

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