Danny Hicks From Evil Dead II Passes Away At 68

Danny Hicks From Evil Dead II Passes Away At 68
Credit: Source: TheStatesman.com

Fox News said today that the Evil Dead II actor, 68, passed away following a long battle with cancer. Full Empire Promotions released a statement on their Facebook account this Tuesday in which they announced the sad news.

The post read, "Danny passed away at his home in California." As it was previously reported, Danny revealed he was suffering from cancer this past month in a post featuring a smiling photo.

Hicks wrote to his fans on his Facebook account that he had bad news for everyone: he was diagnosed with stage four cancer. Doctors gave him 1-3 years to live. Hicks wrote in his post, however, that he lived a great life packed full of great experiences.

He said he "had no change coming back, that's for sure." Moreover, the actor made a reference to the 1987 cult classic, Evil Dead II, the film in which he portrayed the character, Jake.

On the 25th of June, Full Empire Promotions provided an update on the actor's health, stating that he was losing the battle.


In their statement, Danny's management company said they last spoke with him on the 16th of June, and he sounded "very weak" and tired. Danny was not eating or sleeping on account of the pain he was in.

Moreover, the rep claims he couldn't keep the actor on the phone for more than 3-4 minutes. According to the management company, he told the actor before he hung up that he really appreciated his friendship and it was an "honor" to work with him.

Mancini claimed Hicks suffered from a terrible fall just a few days prior to the phone call. Hicks was the type of person who everybody liked, Mancini claimed, adding that hardly anyone who ever worked with him had something bad to say.

"Danny is a good person," Mancini, added, before going on to say that he was confident good things were coming his way. Danny isn't the only actor die this year. Carl Reiner passed away in late June. 

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