Danny DeVito Asks Everyone In New York To Stay Home In Coronavirus PSA — Watch Video

Danny DeVito Asks Everyone In New York To Stay Home In Coronavirus PSA — Watch Video
Credit: Source: Danny DeVito/Twitter

Danny DeVito is the latest celebrity to speak out about the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world. In a new PSA, Danny DeVito asked everyone to stay home and shelter in place as he reiterated that the young and healthy can spread the disease to the old. Cases in the United States are soaring and right now, the nation comes in third for the world with Covid-19 infections. It should be pointed out; however, this number may be subjective as the United States just increased testing. So the numbers may actually be due to the vast amount of tests that have taken place and not necessarily a measurement that verifies more Coronavirus cases in the U.S. than other countries. Still, the death toll in the United States as a result of Coronavirus has increased. There are more than 41,000 cases of Coronavirus in the United States and at this time, 574 people have died — 114 of those deaths were in New York.

New York has been the hardest hit and Danny Devito had a message for his fellow New Yorkers. He begged people to listen to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and pointed out that it was their governor, himself, who asked Danny to speak to the people.

You may see the PSA that Danny Devito filmed and shared in the video player below.

New York is on a shelter-in-place order but not everyone is adhering to it. It is vital for the stop of Coronavirus that everyone self-isolates to prevent the spread whether they are healthy or not. Until there is medicine, or possibly a vaccine, the only way to prevent Coronavirus is not to catch it from someone else. While many people who do catch it will be able to fight it off and even experience only minor symptoms, many people will develop severe, life-threatening consequences.

Coronavirus is new therefore it is unknown what lasting impact the virus will have. There have already been a few minor differences with the Coronavirus compared to viruses in the past. Many people who have beat the sickness have said they felt sick, then thought they recovered, only to become sick again.

Are you taking steps to protect yourself from Cornoavirus

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