Danny Amendola Explains The Real - And Ruthless - Reason For His Olivia Culpo Breakup

Danny Amendola Explains The Real - And Ruthless - Reason For His Olivia Culpo Breakup
Credit: Source: SBNation.com

According to a report from Page Six, Danny Amendola took to his Instagram earlier to briefly explain why his relationship with Olivia Culpo didn't pan out the way that he wanted. The football player criticized Culpo's need for attention from Hollywood and social media, as well as for what he called her "fishbowl lifestyle."

Moreover, the wide receiver criticized the Instagram model's habits on the social media platform, complaining that she "chooses and wants to be noticed on the internet and in Hollywood to make money."

This comes at odds with his way of life because Danny wants privacy as well as the ability to protect his family and friends from the negative sides of fame.

Danny said that if one was his "real friend," they'd know he is a private man, and those closest to him are the most important, including his nephew, father, brother, and mother. He wants his family to be free from the criticism that comes with being in the public's eye.

Later on, while admitting that their sex life was "f*cking crazy," the Detroit Lions wide receiver said that the "cost of fame" in the United States is simply too high. He also claimed Olivia would get mad about him if he refused to post about her on Instagram.

Olivia and Danny have dated on-and-off repeatedly over the years, including their most recent split in October and their reunion in January of this year. Months later, Danny took to his social media in an effort to "clear the air" regarding the stories of her being with other men.

Recently, Culpo was spotted hanging out with Zedd while at Coachella by reporters from TMZ. Amendola added that he wanted her to be happy, even if that means "dancing with scrawny little f*cks." Thus far, there hasn't been a response from Olivia.

After his explanation on social media, the football player shared a picture of him dancing along with the caption, "now that's over, let's party."

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