Danielle Staub And Fiancé Marty Caffrey Caught In Bathroom Romp As 'RHONJ' Cameras Were Filming

Danielle Staub And Fiancé Marty Caffrey Caught In Bathroom Romp As 'RHONJ' Cameras Were Filming
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Anything for ratings! Danielle Staub was caught having sex with fiancé, Marty Caffrey, in a bathroom as The Real Housewives of New Jersey cameras were rolling.

According to several people, including makeup artists and other RHONJ stars, the shocking scene took place as they were gathered to celebrate the grand opening of the Homemade Pasta & Pizza.

Teresa Giudice, Joe and Melissa Gorga and many of their children were gathered at the family friendly event.

It is not known if Staub’s daughters - Jillian and Christine - were present at the gathering.

Giudice and her makeup artist, Priscilla DiStasio, where in the bathroom next door and heard the entire sexcapade between Staub and Caffrey.

After the act, Staub bragged about the rendezvous and showed off the body fluid that landed on her shoe.

A source said: “Dolores Catania went nuts calling her a pig.”

Staub's foe took to social media to blast her bathroom romp by saying: “Really? Isn’t it obvious I think it’s #disgusting! Keep it classy #RHONJ! #IHateRacism #DirtyPig #Engaged22x #NotAuthentic.”

Staub is famous for her scandals - she has confessed to being a prostitute in the mid-80s who used the name - Angela Minelli - so not many people will be surprised by the bathroom news.

Staub recently sat down for an interview where she talked about her return to the show and her love for Caffrey.

She said: “I obviously can’t make a comment on that. I would not be able to say either way whether I am a friend or full time or whatever. I think those are Andy Cohen questions. I am deferring them to Andy!”

She went on to say: “My new relationship is public so whatever I do whether it is this show or another show or anything I do with my life, yes, it is here to been seen.”

Staub concluded by: “We are doing incredibly well. He is an incredible guy. He is a great guy. We are lucky we found each other. We were both out to dinner with friends, and he saw me and approached me, and we have been connected at the hip ever since.”

Fans are eager to see the ladies' reactions after Staub and Caffrey were busted during the intimate moment.

One said: "Omg I can't wait."

Another shared: "Please watch last season on Hulu so we can watch this one together why do we have to wait so longggggg."

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 8 will premiere on October 4 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo, and it will be juicy.

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    M Sep 4, 2017 10:44 PM PDT

    She's a hot mess. I wish they hadn't brought her back. https://vimeo.com/230710822 <----- if you haven't seen her racist rant.

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