Danielle Bregoli Takes Time Off To Fight Against Childhood Trauma And Prescription Drug Abuse

Danielle Bregoli Takes Time Off To Fight Against Childhood Trauma And Prescription Drug Abuse
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2020 has certainly been a time for self-reflection. Amid the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown, many celebrities, entertainers, and regular people as well, spent a lot of time to themselves, figuring out where to go next in their lives.

Unfortunately, some people have even had to change careers as a consequence of the pandemic. Regardless, everyone has their own journey, and Danielle Bregoli must've realized that very same truth over the last few months.

Page Six picked up on a social media post from the artist in which it was revealed she would be spending some time getting better. TMZ first reported that Danielle was going into a rehab facility for childhood trauma and also prescription pill abuse.

The aforementioned outlet says that the 17-year-old Bregoli, who often goes by her artist name, Bhad Bhabie, would be going to an undisclosed center for several weeks. She could stay in the facility for three months in total.

Her management said to TMZ that they were incredibly proud of Danielle for recognizing she had a problem and realizing it was crucial for her to fix it. As most know, Bregoli first became famous after she appeared on an episode of Dr. Phil in September 2016.

Danielle Bregoli became a massive sensation practically overnight after she said to the host, "catch me outside, how about that?" Not long after, Bregoli got a record deal with Atlantic Records and also picked up a reality show in 2018.

However, there have clearly been some downsides to her success as well, and one of them, including her addiction, was the struggle of social media backlash. Bregoli has repeatedly stated in the past that people online are vicious and cruel, and sometimes it's just hard to handle.


Moreover, she has feuded with a number of other women as well. As was noted above, Bregoli isn't the only celebrity to enter a rehab facility. Scott Disick also did the same earlier this year, although, he checked out shortly thereafter following the publication of illicitly obtained photos of him that leaked to the press.

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