Danielle Bregoli Signs Major Record Deal After 'These Heaux' Success

Danielle Bregoli Signs Major Record Deal After 'These Heaux' Success
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You might call Danielle Bregoli "Cash Me Outside Girl," or "The girl from the Dr. Phil show," or even a juvenile delinquent, but you can also call her a signed musical artist. After Danielle Bregoli released her first rap single "These Heaux" and the song climbed YouTube trends and garnered more than 22 million views on the streaming video channel, Danielle Bregoli has been signed, and not just with any record label. According to reports, Bregoli has signed a multi-million record deal with Atlantic Records.

Bregoli raps under the name "Bhad Bhabie" and it's also the name she's using on her social media accounts. While her single "These Heaux" has a polarizing effect (people either loved it or hated it), there was enough love for record executives to take notice.

Bregoli's new record deal comes on the heels of her being given probation and her father testifying in court that he feels she's being exploited and wants her to live with him in Florida.

According to court records, Bregoli was given an in-house curfew of 5 pm following charges of grand theft. Bregoli is serving five years probation.

We're certain the recording studios will make sure she's in on time.

Bregoli's claim to fame was a September 2016 appearance on the Dr. Phil show where she appeared with her mother for her wild and out of control behavior.

During the show, she displayed a wide range of emotions, but at one point became angry with audience members. She called them hos and then threatened to fight them outside of the studio.

Bregoli has her own way of annunciating words and when she called out to an audience member to say "Catch me outside, how about that!" it sounded like, "Cash me ousside, how bout dah!"

An Internet meme was born and Danielle Bregoli rose to Internet stardom.

One thing about Danielle Bregoli that may be contributing to her success is that she's real. She was a real teen who was on the show for her out of control behavior and she isn't putting on an act for the cameras.

Her song "These Heaux" calls out celebrities whom Bregoli feels are fake while she's the real deal.

There's no doubt that Bregoli might challenge any celebrity she meets and takes offense with to a fight, so there is an element of unexpected surprise in what Bregoli will do next

Danielle Bregoli has a reality show in the works, so it appears she may do more than just alluding to Kylie Jenner in a video, she may actually knock the Jenners and Kardashians off their throne as the queens of reality TV.

But is her dad right? Is Danielle Bregoli finding fame, fortune, and success at the expense of being exploited? What do you think?

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