Danielle Bregoli Opens Up About Her Complicated Friendship With Billie Eilish

Danielle Bregoli Opens Up About Her Complicated Friendship With Billie Eilish
Credit: Source: people.com

What is their friendship status nowadays? Danielle Bregoli , also known as Bhad Bhabie , got candid about where she and Billie Eilish stand today after the teens seemingly had a fallout.

This also comes after the rapper first shared via ET in March of last year that she and Billie started being friends after chatting via DMs.

Then, the very day after XXXTentacion passed away, they met up in person for the first time.

Danielle told the news outlet that '[Billie] came to my house and we just listened to his music and cried all day like some little b***hes. Ever since then we've been real tight.’

But, as she let ET know this past week, these days, their friendship is a lot more complicated.

At the same time, she made it very clear that when it comes to their supposed ‘beef’ people just like to blow it out of proportion.

Asked about how fans always wonder if they’re still friends, the young rapper explained that ‘People always want to act like we have problems or we have beef. No. I just feel like either someone got into her ear about me and made her think that I was a bad person or she was getting too big to where she didn't want to associate herself with my brand. And that's perfectly fine, I understand that, but it sucks to have a friend and they just disappear. But I'm not mad at her, she's not mad at me. I always supported her. I was always there but, you know, s**t happens.’

Danielle then insisted that when it comes to the two of them collabing, or even ‘coming close’ to one another, Billie Eilish’s team would most likely not let that happen.


‘That's not on me ... a lot of people just don't want to associate themselves with my brand. They think I'm this evil devil child,’ she argued, mentioning her controversial image.


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