Daniel Radcliffe Says He'll Never Portray Harry Potter Again

Daniel Radcliffe Says He'll Never Portray Harry Potter Again
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Daniel Radcliffe is most known for his portrayal of Harry Potter in the film franchise of the same name, however, the actor recently revealed that he wasn't so interested in reprising the role anymore. While Daniel appreciates his time as the Hogwarts wizard, he has some reservations about taking on the character again.

During a conversation with reporters from Variety, Radcliffe explained to reporters that he didn't think he would ever act as the Hogwartz student again. When asked by reporters, the actor succinctly remarked, "I don't think so."

While he doesn't like to "say no to things," the actor stated it certainly wasn't something he's in a big rush to do. The star claimed the films have since moved on without the original cast, and they're doing well. Daniel went on to add that he was happy with the way his life is now.

Radcliffe explained that he didn't like the idea of being signed on to a franchise or a series for multiple years in a row. Now, he has a lot more artistic freedom in terms of what roles he can take. Daniel had a lot of success as a child in the entertainment business, however, in a new interview, the actor explained that it was almost too much to bear at times.

Nick Markus reported earlier this year that Daniel admitted to dealing with mental health and substance abuse issues, many of which were rooted in his fame. The star claimed he was a lot like other teenagers, who often struggle with addiction.

During a chat with Sam Jones for Off Camera , Radcliffe explained that it was a real challenge to go out into public, for instance, out to a bar, and know that people are staring because they recognize him.

Radcliffe admitted he would reach for a drink to combat the accompanying uneasiness of being noticed.

The actor added that it was a catch-22, because then as one gets drunker, one draws additional attention.

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