Daniel Radcliffe Not Planning To See 'Harry Potter And The Cursed Child' - Here's Why!

Daniel Radcliffe Not Planning To See 'Harry Potter And The Cursed Child' - Here's Why!
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No matter how meta that would be, it looks like there’s no chance to see Daniel Radcliffe, aka the original Harry Potter, at a staging of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! The actor himself explained why that is!

Daniel Radcliffe stopped by the Late Night with Seth Meyers yesterday and was asked about the continuation of the Harry Potter story in play form.

The star explained that while he’s most likely not going to see it, it’s not because ‘it would throw me into some existential crisis of like, ‘Oh, is that what happened?’’

He then went on to say that he thinks it would not be a ‘relaxing’ experience.

Obviously, everyone’s eyes would be on the actor who portrayed the iconic character for a considerable part of his life.

It may be ‘complete conceited and egotistical’ to think that ‘and people [maybe] wouldn’t care. But I do feel like if I was just surrounded by Harry Potter fans, it would be a little odd.’

Host Meyers asked if he’d consider going in disguise and that is when Radcliffe recalled the time when he swore ‘off disguises.’

According to the star, he and co-star Rupert Grint once attended a music festival when they were younger and thought it would be edgy and cool to wear World War II gas masks as a disguise.

But soon enough, having them on got too hot and they had to take them off, moment during which people went from judging the two dudes with gas masks on at a festival, to recognizing them and getting starstruck.

The whole thing was not a great experience for the actor and he does not want to repeat it.


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