Daniel Craig Pokes Fun At No Time To Die During SNL Performance

Daniel Craig Pokes Fun At No Time To Die During SNL Performance
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No Time To Die star, Daniel Craig, joked around for his second hosting gig on Saturday Night Live , around eight years after his last appearence. The actor kicked off his opening monologue with a number of No Time To Die jokes following the movie's disappointing rescheduling.

Collider reported on Craig's performance in which he made fun of Phoebe Waller-Bridge's connection to the film as one of the screenwriters. At one point in the segment, James looks to the camera and says the classic Bond line, "the name's Bond, James Bond," and then squeezes his face together while asking if it's bad that he likes the Pope.

Craig, while he's not known for his comedic performances, showed that he was capable of cracking jokes in what was essentially a three-minute skit making fun of the movie. One scene, in particular, features Craig, dressed up as Bond, meeting up with Chloe Fineman.

You can check out the actor's appearence in brevity in the link below:

As it was noted above, No Time To Die was initially postponed in China after reports of the coronavirus, with many movie theaters even closing down temporarily to thwart the spread of influenza.

Due to the film's massive production and marketing budget, the film needs a solid international opening, including Chinese markets, to make a profit.

Later, it was revealed the movie was postponed internationally to November of this year, which may have ripple effects on the movie business. The new James Bond flick will compete against movies from Disney among other big production companies.

It was reported earlier this week that the rescheduling of No Time To Die might actually cost the film studios around $30 million, which isn't much in comparison to its expected gross of $1 billion, however, it's still a significant amount of money.

The film's temporary cancelation may affect other businesses and product launches, such as the Omega time-piece company, that had been in the middle of crafting a watch inspired by the new film. Swatch, as well, planned on releasing a product inspired by the one Q wears in the film.

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