Daniel Craig Injured In Jamaica While Filming New James Bond Movie

Daniel Craig Injured In Jamaica While Filming New James Bond Movie
Credit: Source: TimeOut.com

According to a report from Just Jared.com, Daniel Craig was recently injured on the set of the latest James Bond film, Bond 25. The actor, 51-years-old, was filming in Jamaica at the time of the incident claims a report from Variety.com.

While on set, Daniel supposedly was sprinting on the set when he slipped and tumbled to the ground. He's now in the United States seeing a doctor for an x-ray. A source who spoke with the gossip tabloid, The Sun, said that "he was sprinting during filming when he slipped and fell quite awkwardly."

The insider went on to state that the actor was in duress and complained of ankle pain. Thus far, the James Bond movie doesn't actually have a title, but it's scheduled to hit theaters on the 8th of April, 2020. It's unclear if the injury will push the release date back.

As fans of the actor and the James Bond franchise know, this will be Craig's last James Bond flick, following recent interviews in which he revealed that he'd be quitting. According to Daniel, action movies are a ton of work and a lot of time, in addition to being physically strenuous.

Moreover, Daniel is 51-years-old and he and his wife, Rachel Weisz, just had their first child together. Daniel and Rachel got married back in June of 2011, and in September of last year, 2018, Rachel and the James Bond actor had their first baby.

The beginnings of their family was a point of interest in the public due to their age, especially Rachel, who is also 49-years-old. It isn't clear whether she had a surrogate similar to Kim Kardashian, who just welcomed her fourth child with Kanye West.

Regarding Craig and his relationship with Bond, he said to reporters earlier that he was conflicted as to whether James Bond is a bad person who works for the "good guys," or is just a good person?

In the novels on which the films are based, James Bond's character had more depth, with much of the character's dark side explored. The movies, however, don't go into his dark side as much, probably due to the fact the story wouldn't be as successful as a film.

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