Danai Gurira From "The Walking Dead" Will Exit One Season After Andrew Lincoln

Danai Gurira From "The Walking Dead" Will Exit One Season After Andrew Lincoln
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According to a report from The Wrap, Danai Gurira is getting ready to leave the set of The Walking Dead , after it was revealed she would return for only a handful of episodes next season. Ever since the third season, Danai has portrayed the sword-honing Michonne.

As the headline suggests, Gurira is leaving the show after it was revealed that Andrew Lincoln, who plays the show's primary protagonist anti-hero, Rick Grimes, would also be leaving. However, it was announced later that Andrew would return to actually direct an episode, but not as a character.

Some of the other major stars to leave the series recently includes Chandler Riggs, Steven Yeun, as well as Lauren Cohan. Andrew Lincoln announced he was leaving the show last year causing a lot of disappointment among loyal fans. Moreover, many viewers of the show actually tuned out when that fact was revealed.

Steven Yeun, speaking on why he chose to leave The Walking Dead, explained that one of the main reasons for why he left was the limited number of ways in which he was portrayed.

In other words, Steven said he felt as though he was being typecasted in a role as a benign Asian-American person. His comments caused somewhat of a stir when people online accused him of being ungrateful, however, Yeun noted he was more than grateful, he just wants more creative space as an actor.

Putting that aside, Danai Gurira played a fundamental role in the last few seasons of the show. For one, she was the love interest of Rick Grimes following the death of his wife and mother of his child, Lori Grimes. Gurira quickly became a fan favorite for her stoic perspective and unique combat-skills.

Gurira's Michonne became quite close with Rick's son, Carl, and from there, Rick and Michonne slowly developed their relationship. Chandler Riggs played their son, Carl, who was fired from the show a couple of years ago.

Riggs took to his social media recently to announce that he just landed a new job after almost a year of not finding any work. Nevertheless, it's unfortunate to see Gurira go, but her career has to blossom and it's her right as an actress.

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