Danai Gurira Announces She's Finally Departing The Walking Dead Following Months Of Rumor

Danai Gurira Announces She's Finally Departing The Walking Dead Following Months Of Rumor
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According to a report from Page Six, the tenth season will be the last for Danai Gurira, who formerly played Michonne on The Walking Dead . While at the San Diego Comic-Con this past Friday, the star said, "I can confirm this is the last season I will be on this amazon show."

The 41-year-old actress nearly started crying when she told the audience members that working on The Walking Dead for AMC was one of the greatest experiences of her life. TWD alum stated she was incredibly grateful for the experience.

Gurira, like other stars who left the series, said it was tough to go, however, simply put, she has other callings she must attend to. Adding again her sense of gratitude for being afforded such a great opportunity, the star remarked, "I love you guys and I love this show."

Angela Kang, the showrunner for The Walking Dead , said they will "miss the h*ll out of her." As it was reported earlier today, another actress is gearing up to take Michonne's place. Thora Birch, who is perhaps most famous for starring in American Beauty as well as Clear and Present Danger , will take the role as Gamma, the protector of Alpha.

Gurira isn't the first big star to leave the series either, as Andrew Lincoln, arguably the most significant protagonist of the show, also announced he'd be leaving as well. Andrew Lincoln starred as Rick Grimes, the ex-police officer and leader of the group as they orient themselves in the new apocalyptic world.

Moreover, Carl Grimes, portrayed by Chandler Riggs, also left recently as well. Perhaps the biggest blow, however, to The Walking Dead fanbase was when Steven Yeun, who portrayed Glenn, was killed during the first episode of the 7th season.

It was reported by multiple outlets that the series actually suffered a ratings blow after that episode. According to a report from MovieFOne.com, the 2nd episode of Season 7 saw a precipitous drop in viewers, nearly 5 million.

As it was noted above, the first episode of the seventh season is when Abraham and Glenn are both brutally murdered by the antagonist, Negan.

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