Damon Dash Lashes In Wild Videos After He Is Arrested Because Of Unpaid Child Support

Damon Dash Lashes In Wild Videos After He Is Arrested Because Of Unpaid Child Support
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Jay-Z's former manager and business partner, Damon Dash, was arrested on Wednesday afternoon because of a tremendous amount of unpaid child support.

The 48-year-old music mogul was taken to the Bronx Family Court earlier this week since he failed to pay more than $400,000 for the support of his children to his ex-wife Rachel Roy and ex-girlfriend Cindy Morales.

According to Sheriff Joseph Fucito, the first warrant for Dash was issued back in April 2015, when he owed just $62,000 to Morales.

However, since he failed to pay the first time, a second warrant was created earlier this year for a contempt of court conviction that increased the sum by an additional $342,000.

So far, Dash had refused to pay up the child support because he had been insisting that he was broke and did not have the means to cover the required amount of money.

He had even filled out the needed documents to show that he did not have an income and explained that his only finances, at the time, were the $2 million that he won in court in a case against Lee Daniels.

He has finally paid the money, but he is also giving interviews where he blames the media for his drama.

Dash also added that he needed the money very much because he was about to become a father again, as his fiancée, Raquel Horn, was pregnant.

This is going to be the fifth child for the music mogul, who has two children from his marriage to Roy, girls Ava, who is 19, and 11-year-old Tallulah.

In addition, Dash has a 27-year-old son with his ex-girlfriend, Linda Williams, and another boy -- Lucky, born in 2004.

One person had this reaction: "Meanwhile, he’s on No Jumper trying to convince Adam to own his TV Show, with a presidential Rolex and a whole “movie studio” for his “brands.”

Another social media user claimed: "If you have a 100mil dollar company why are you behind and what does what you do have to do with what you owe🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔Why do I feel like Jay Z somewhere being petty right now.😂😂😂"

A third comment read: "I do not think that fathers actively involved in their child life should have to pay child support. child support is for absent fathers."

This follower stated: "What’s hilarious is guys carrying on like him, and they only gotta pay like $50 a week 😭😂 like I see why he stressed 😩."

Dash is trying to save his reputation.

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