Dame Dash Puts Lifetime On Blast For 'Exploiting' Him And Singer Aaliyah

Dame Dash Puts Lifetime On Blast For 'Exploiting' Him And Singer Aaliyah
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Complex said today that Dame Dash isn't happy with Lifetime. Dame Dash is upset with the network for using video footage of him and Aaliyah for the filming of eOne's Growing Up Hip-Hop.

Dash snapped at the president of eOne's television department, Tara Long, for using footage of him and Aaliyah. It's not entirely clear what footage was used or what led to Dash being so upset, but a video released appears to show Dame screaming at members of Lifetime's production crew.

The media mogul then goes on to say that he was going to quit the show. According to Hot New Hip Hop, Lifetime has used Aaliyah's story before for a TV show, and received criticism for it. For instance, a biopic of Aaliyah was released in 2014 without the permission of her family.

However, this past year, Lifetime released Surviving R. Kelly, which went on to receive critical acclaim and has even been labeled as the catalyst for the R&B singer's subsequent arrest. Kelly is currently awaiting trial behind bars.

Reportedly, Dash dated Aaliyah for two years before she tragically died in 2001. Dash has been in the news headlines repeatedly over the last few years and not always for good reasons.

In December of 2019, Dame, who once worked with Jay-Z before he went on to super-star status, spoke about his relationship with the rapper and how he disassociated himself from Dash.

When Dash appeared on Big Boy TV, Dash accused Jay-Z of doing him "dirty." Dame claims that Jay-Z went to LA Reid, who ran Def Jam Records, and told him he wanted to take the chief executive position.

LA Reid was the boss of Roc-A-Fella records, however, Dame claims Jay-Z told him that he couldn't be around him anymore because he wanted to look like a "boss," and that wasn't possible if Jay continued associating with him.

Dash also claimed that Jay was dirty for moving on from their partnership together on Rocawear clothing. Jay later went on to work on his own ventures without Dame Dash.

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